Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NY Times Opinion Article: Health Care's Lost Weekend

"Doctors, like most people, don’t love to work weekends, and they probably don’t enjoy being evaluated against their peers. But their industry can no longer afford to protect them from the inevitable. Imagine a drugstore open only five days a week, or a television network that didn’t measure its ratings. Improving the quality of health care and reducing its cost will require that doctors make many changes — but working weekends and consenting to quality management are two clear ones." - Excerpt from NY TIMES Article Health Care's Lost Weekend By Contributing Columnist PETER ORSZAG, Published Oct 3, 2010 (Read the rest of this Artcle).

Being a fellow medical professional (with certain temporary and soon to be remedied limitations) can very much attest to this fact, seeing as i myself had given up so much of my own precious weekends in service of a Humanitarian profession with regards to non humanitarian cases (e.g a drunkard who got into an argument and got a bottle smashed on his head). This would greatly help Doctors provide better healthcare, although with an unfortunate side effect of their being unavoidable on certain days (and i know very much from experience that critical emergency care comes during the worst times, namely either early in the morning or on the quiet weekends). I'm very much interested how this matter turns out with regards to the American Health care system, but hopefully, nothing will be sacrificed with regards to patient Health Care and hopefully isn't being done for the sole reason for making more money. And if it does work out, I wonder how this can be adapted for other countries as well.

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