Monday, October 4, 2010

A Modern Love Story

On a Precipice, Wings Spread

One of the more common lines from my theology classes from college was that one of the greatest things that God had ever given us that separated us from everything else in the world was the concept of Free Will. The inherent ability to decide for ourselves what we deem is best for us and what would be, in our own humble opinion, a source of immense happiness. This is of course coupled with varying degrees of intelligence and mental processes. So in the end, with this supposed combination, we can unconsciously go thru so many possible options about possible things that would give us that desired sense of happiness and well being, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, some of us are guilty of having a tendency to over think things, to the point that we loose the perspective of things and incidentally, loose the opportunity to grasp at that ever elusive "desired moment of happiness".

This article in the New York times had made for great reading and somehow, in my humble opinion, had dispersed some of the "cobwebs" and "dark stories" that is pervasive in society that some how, inadvertently, creates in us the sense of not to bother anymore such desires to have a loving partner, or the idea that "there is no perfect partner/love story for me and its all made up by Hollywood script writers". after reading this wonderful work, it will hopefully open up for you, dear reader, the sense of being thankful for the life partner you do have, and if not yet but are searching, that things aren't totally that impossible or bleak. Its not that we dream impossible things, but rather, we never bother to dream in the first place, when in reality we should.

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