Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hell's Kitchen

No, im not talking about some disgusting greasy spoon that you happened to wander into after eating one of their "Specialties" was rewarded with the "Prize" (this usually being a severe bout of food poisoning), though we all know there is an ungodly number of places that are operating out there. What i am pertaining to is the Season 8 of the Fox Special of the said name, Hell's Kitchen.

This show is hosted by the much awarded and internationally acclaimed chef, Chef Gordon Ramsey. Some of you might be thinking "oh its another cooking show', or you might wonder if its like Top Chef. To be honest it is another cooking show but it is far from Top Chef. Very very far. For one, i have never seen so much censored language before. Its as if all the participants have a limited vocabulary and its limited to gutter speech. Another thing, i am rather curious about is the manner by which they go about picking these chefs that participate in their show. Take for example the 1st episode of the 8th season, one of the female participants actually had the guts (or is it gall?) to serve a gumbo that made Chef Ramsey throw up. Not spit it out or something, but actually do stomach heaves. That is quite something to watch, really. That is rather bad in my point of view. and when i saw the dish, heck i wanted to retch myself. it looked like a couple of cats had a severe case of diarrhea and all decided to poop into the serving plate. I mean it was really disgusting. Thank God i didn't have smell-o-vision or something. Sometimes i have to wonder if they are paying Chef Ramsey enough to do the show (either that, or he just likes ripping the contestants a new one on live tel.evision, hehe). One things for sure, it is going to turn out to be an interesting Season 8.