Thursday, July 8, 2010

Futurama S6 Ep 3 Rocks!!!

I had just finished watching Futurama episode 3 of Season 6 titled "Attack of the Killer Apps". I absolutely loved the episode. For me, i had really found the spoof that they had done on the Apple IPhone and its Apps really funny. I guess one of the reasons that I had found it so amusing was it does follow the saying "Life Imitating Art". I myself am not really an Iphone addict or an avidsoftware user of any of their other technologies but do happen to have lots of friends that do happen to love this company's product so i don't really have a hard time picturing them in lieu of the cartoon's characters, hehe.

Unfortunately, it also fits into the saying "jokes are half meant". too true is their satiric take on how people act like with regards to not only this specific brand of technology, but with other brands as well. Before i continue, dont get me wrong. I am not supporting any one particular brand, and had happened to mention the one particular brand since i was making a reference to the spoof of the cartoon, and nothing more. And nor do I hold any particular grudge either to any continuing developments with regards to such technology, but rather i am rather quite amazed by the speed that such tech is developed. But rather I merely expounding on the fact that so many people are too easily lured by the sudden and quick developments of such tech that they fail to completely appreciate what they had bought in the first place. Some people i happen to know who are guilty of such do so that they may be in the "In Crowd", while others, sad to say, just are too careless with their money. Sometimes, one does have to wonder just how bad things are when such situations in society are to such a degree that writers use them as a means to garner more network ratings. "Hmm..."

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